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Education: Shoreline Best Management Practices Online Course

ShorelineThis free online course provides an overview of the scientific rationale behind the latest shoreline best management practice recommendations. The course is directed primarily at local government staff and appointed Board members in the Tidewater region of Virginia. Anyone else interested in tidal shoreline science and management may also take the course. Course registration requires a full name, professional affiliation, and e-mail address.

The course has 11 modules, each with a video and follow-up quiz. Participants can work through the course modules at their convenience. Each video must be viewed before a quiz can be taken. All quiz questions must be answered correctly to receive credit for each module. The videos can be viewed more than once and the quizzes can be taken multiple times to get all correct answers.

Successful completion of the course will certify that each participant is qualified to make informed decisions about tidal shoreline management. However, no formal certification credits will be awarded.

  1. Introduction to Integrated Shoreline Management

  2. Ecosystem Services 1: Water Quality Improvement

  3. Ecosystem Services 2: Stabilization/Erosion Control

  4. Ecosystem Services 3: Habitat

  5. Impacts of Shoreline Management Approaches

  6. Assessment and Risks

  7. Decision Tree 1: Undefended Shorelines

  8. Decision Tree 2: Currently Defended Shorelines

  9. Shoreline Management Model

  10. Shoreline Best Management Practices: Non-structural approaches

  11. Shoreline Best Management Practices: Structural and Hybrid Approaches

Computer System Requirements:

  • Windows or Mac OS with Internet browser

  • E-mail address required for course registration

  • Adobe Flash Player required to view module videos

  • Audio components required to hear video narration

Getting Started

The course is free; however, you must register to view the course modules. To get started with the Shoreline Best Management Practices Course,

1. Click on the Shoreline Best Management Practices Online Course button below.

2. After the Moodle window opens, create an account. The upper right hand corner says "Login." Chose this option and fill in your username as first initial and last name (ie. jdoe) and password of your choice. Note: if you forget your username or password, there is a help button which will retrieve the information and send you an email with instructions to gain access.

3. Once logged in, you should be able to view the link to Shoreline Best Mangement Practices Course under the "Available Courses" section.

4. It is recommended that you begin with the course introduction video. Each module has a video and a short online quiz. Some modules have supporting documents for more information which are optional.

5. After completing all of the course modules and quizzes, you will receive official notice of completion and a certificate will be emailed to you.  To help us determine how well this guidance tool works, we plan to track who starts and completes the course. Students can elect to be left off this public notice list. Please contact CCRM. 

6. If there are problems with the log in, navigating through the course, taking the quizzes, or tracking your progress, please contact CCRM using the links provided under course introduction or through the Contact Us page.  Your patience and understanding as we work out any bugs that come up with this new tool is greatly appreciated. 

Shoreline BMP Course

This online course was funded, in part, by the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program of the Department of Environmental Quality through Grant #NA12NOS4190168 Task #7 of the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, under the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, as amended. .