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VIMS-CCRM Coastal Management Decision Tools

Decision Tree for Undefended Shorelines and Those with Failed Structures

The Center for Coastal Resources Management has developed a suite of tools intended to help regulators, property owners, and others make decisions regarding coastal resources. This first component consists of a shoreline management decision tree for undefended shorelines and those with failed shoreline structures (such as bulkheads and riprap revetments). A tree-like graph of questions and answers about shoreline characteristics leads the user to the environmentally preferable approach for management of that shoreline.

Move the mouse over each part of the decision tree below to see definitions of shoreline characteristics. Start at Question 1. Follow the path that describes your shoreline until you reach the recommendation (in red). Click on the recommendation box to see a detailed explanation as well as the pathway chosen to come to that decision. For a detailed explanation, please refer to the decision tree manual and the spring 2010 workshop presentation.  The decision tree diagram is also available as an easy-read pdf.