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Living Shorelines

A “Living Shoreline Treatment” is a shoreline management practice that addresses erosion by providing for long-term protection, restoration or enhancement of vegetated shoreline habitats.  This is accomplished through the strategic placement of plants, stone, sand fill and other structural and organic materials. 

Living Shoreline Treatments do not include structures that sever natural processes & connections between riparian, intertidal and aquatic areas such as tidal exchange, sediment movement, plant community transitions & groundwater flow.  

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How To.....

- Learn more about Living Shoreline Design - A class for marine contractors and others interested in learning more about Living Shorelines

- Design Your Property for Homeowners - Bayscapes

- Control erosion using low cost solutions....North Carolina Planting Tidal Marsh Guidelines

- Create a tidal salt marsh...Creating Tidal Salt Marshes in the Chesapeake Bay

- Determine which plants will work for your shoreline.....Native Plants for Tidal Shorelines

- Find Bay-friendly shoreline solutions......Cheapeake Bay Foundation Guidelines

- Manage a dune system....North Carolina Dune Guidelines

- Obtain a list of vendors that sell wetland plants.....Wetland Plant Vendors

- See a description of key elements of treatment types....Lower Machodoc Treatment Types

- See a .pdf presentation on.... Living Shorelines: Definitions, Challenges & Public Demonstration Projects

- View a Living Shorelines Workshop at VIMS October 24, 2008

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